First Biofuel Boeing 747-8 Will be Presented in Paris

On June 20 in Paris, starts 49th International Exhibition of Paris Air Show, which runs through June 29. At this exhibition will present the first biofuel airplane Boeing 747-8. On June 20 Boeing 747-8 must fly from Seattle to Paris, carrying out its first transatlantic flight. The use of biofuels in aviation was tested over the past two years. Transatlantic flight Boeing 747-8 on biofuels is an important step in the airline industry of the future. Commercial plane 76 m in length Boeing 747-8, as well as another biofuel flight Gulfstream 450 from another airline Honeywell, will be the pioneers of biofuel flights. Gulfstream 450 will be released next Friday. 

Boeing 747-8 is equipped with four main engines, which will operate on a mixture of 15% biofuel and 85% of conventional fuels. In addition, the use of biofuels will reduce polluting emissions, the new aircraft has also demonstrated superior technical characteristics during its test flights.Given the situation with a constant rise in fuel prices, biofuels will help minimize the cost of air travel.In the next two years, airlines are going to increase the number of hops used for biofuels to 50%.