Biological Computer

Biological Computer will be Reality in the Near Future

The scientists from the Stanford University have engineered biological transistors,
which were made from genetic materials DNA and RNA. The transcriptors are the parts of making biological computer, which will work inside of living cells. The computer will have ability to find the change in a cell’s environment, save the changing’s record and produce a response. For any device the transistors are essential part. They control the flow of electron over a circuit in silicon-based computers. The operation of the silicon-based computer is producing with binary code. The chip of computer contains millions of transistors. With the similar function to a transistor, the transcriptor controls the RNA proteins’ flow when it moves across a DNA. The scientists changed the purpose of some integrases proteins, allowing for digital control over the RNA polymerase’s flow. So, they created amplifying genetic logic. By the transcriptors the scientists created logic gates, which called BIL (Boolen Intergras Logic) gates. The scientists accomplished to this by measuring integrases’ groups, which control the flow of RNA polymerase. The scientists selected the integrases, which operate in the plants, animals and bacteria so that the computers of future could be created in many organisms. The biological computer can be used in different spheres, they can be used for diagnostic devices and to warn about disease. The biological computer will not arrive soon, but in near future it will be possible to use the simple biological sensors.