Brazilian Marine Biologists Have Discovered Unique Species of White Dolphin

Albino dolphins it is very rare. They are funny and cute, but they have little chance of survival. Brazilian marine biologists have discovered a unique species of white dolphin in the waters of Brazil. Dolphin was spotted by scientists absolutely casually, because the Albino Dolphins usually very shy and rarely jump out of water, unlike their counterparts of gray in color. Chief biologist who heads the research team Camilla Meirelles Sartori first saw the strange white dolphin in early October this year, but only managed to photograph him in November. The researcher says that the little dolphin swimming next to an adult dolphin, apparently with his mom. She was customary gray in color.

The white dolphin is very little chance of survival because of their kill by predators, but also because of the special structure of the body they often fall into the fishing nets of poachers. Another reason for their demise is that they have a weak immune system and they are prone to various diseases. Water pollution by industrial waste also leads to rapid death.