Seawater desalination

Chemists found a new way of seawater desalination

Researchers from the Texas University in Austin (USA) and Marburg University (Germany) thought up a new way of seawater desalination. They created small electric field which removed salt from sea water. The new method doesn’t demand big expenses of energy (the device can work at ordinary batteries) and it is much simpler than methods of water desalting existing nowadays. Now process is patented and is in commercial development. For seawater desalination researchers gave the small tension (3 V) on the plastic chip with sea water. The chip contains two micro channels on which are built-in joint electrodes for creation of area of exhaustion of ions in sea water. Change in electric field leads to that salt “is pulled together”, goes to one canal, and desalinated water in another. The scientists managed to achieve desalting of only 25% of water though it is required to fresh water for 99% that it was suitable for drink. But developers of a new method of seawater desalination are full of optimism and are sure that soon will be able to reach demanded characteristics. While in the conditions of laboratory small devices work, and they freshen only about 40 nanolitres of water a minute. If to speak about commercial use of the device, it has to fresh at least some liters of water a day. Developers promise to solve and this problem. If they manage it, for thousand people living on the sea coast, the problem will be solved with drinking water. Besides, similar devices can be useful, for example, by spaceships.


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