Gamma ray bursts

Dangerous gamma-ray bursts of the dark lightnings

The scientists from Institute of technology of Florida found out that dark lightnings,which can’t almost be seen in clouds, can be extremely dangerous to the people being in planes. And the reason for that is the gamma radiation proceeding from them. Though, the scientists add that they yet didn’t reach a dangerous point. More than ten years ago, researchers found, that the thunder-storm can cause education short, but enough powerful bursts in gamma beams. These gamma-ray bursts are so bright, that can put out of action sensors of the satellites being for hundreds away. The concern causes, that fact that gamma-ray bursts can appear at those heights at which commercial planes usually fly. Attempts to find out, how dangerous is this gamma radiation for people were complicated by that scientists didn’t understand the reason of its education. The scientists in detail can describe, what occurs in black holes of remote galaxies, but they don’t understand what occurs in the storm clouds. By computer modeling the scientists drew a conclusion, that the exotic form of lightnings can be the reason of formation of radiation. It is rather exotic type of discharges, which can’t almost be seen with the naked eye, they are similar to purple-blue areas in clouds, their size reaches approximately a kilometer. Also the scientists note, that the doses, which are received by passengers of the plane, which is affected dark lightnings are comparable with a dose received at a tomography of all body. According to the scientists the radiation proceeding from dark lightnings isn’t something excessively dangerous from what it is necessary to avoid flights.