The world’s dirtiest river May Arouse Your Astonishment

The world’s Dirtiest River May Arouse Your Astonishment

The world’s dirtiest river is situated in Indonesia. The river’s name is Citarum that is considered the longest and largest river in West Java. The dirtiest river is very important for people of West Java, because it supports agriculture, water supply, fishery, industry, sewerage, and electricity.

the world's dirtiest river
the world’s dirtiest river


The river flows in the northwest area of Java with a predominantly tropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature in the area is 24°C. The warmest month is May, when the average temperature is around 26°C, and the coldest is January, at 22°C. The average annual rainfall is 2646 mm. The wettest month is January, with an average of 668 mm rainfall, and the driest is September, with 14 mm rainfall.

Many locals suffer from skin diseases like scabies and dermatitis
Many locals suffer from skin diseases like scabies and dermatitis


Citarum is considered as the dirtiest river around the world, since it is heavily polluted by human activity; about five million people live in its basin. Textile factories in Bandung and Cimahi were main toxic waste contributors. More than 2,000 industries contaminate 5,020 sq miles of the river with lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxins.

So, according to the data of Wikipedia On December 5, 2008, the Asian Development Bank approved a $500 million loan for cleaning up the river, esteeming it the world’s dirtiest river. “In November 2011, the river revitalization began, with an expected cost of Rp35 trillion ($4 billion) over 15 years. The revitalization is occurring from Mount Wayang through eight regencies and three cities for a distance of 180 kilometers. The target for the first three years is to collect 10.5 million cubic meters of sedimentation”.

Many locals suffer from skin diseases like scabies and dermatitis, as well as respiratory infections from inhaling factory pollution. If you like to know about much more about this river and about their locals, then you should absolutely watch the impressive video below.