Shape-shifting particles

Discovered new type of shape-shifting neutrino

Participants of the international experiment of T2K confirmed transformation of one grade of elementary particles of a neutrino earlier opened by them into another (the oscillation neutrino). This achievement can become the beginning of studying of the new physical phenomena which aren’t described by Standard model of interaction of elementary particles, the head of department of physics. It is a question not only of one more manifestation of the new physics which isn’t described by Standard model, but also of deep studying of such physics. The studying of the oscillation neutrino in electronic neutrinos opens unique opportunities for the solution of one of the most intriguing riddles of the nature:  phenomenon of asymmetry of the Universe. Standard model is a theoretical design in physics of the elementary particles, describing electromagnetic, weak and strong interaction of all elementary particles. The standard model isn’t the theory of everything as doesn’t describe dark energy and doesn’t include gravitation. Need of insignificant expansion of model arose in 1998 after detection of the oscillation neutrino, and probable opening of a boson of Higgs in 2012 confirmed basic provisions of Standard model about formation of masses at elementary particles via Higgs’s mechanism. According to Standard model, all neutrinos have to have zero weight. In too time, neutrino oscillation is possible if the neutrino, contrary to model, after all have a weight. Results of the works proving transformation of muon neutrinos in electronic neutrinos were presented on Friday in the capital of Sweden Stockholm at conference on physics of high energy of the European Physical Society (EPSHEP 2013). In 2011 in T2K it was succeeded to receive the first instruction on change of a grade of a neutrino from muon in the electronic. Now, after increase in volume of physical data more than by three and a half times, this new type of the oscillation is finalized. The result of T2K is the first supervision of effect of emergence of a new grade of a neutrino, other than a neutrino grade in an initial bunch.