Doctor Gregg Homer Change Eye Color With the Help of Laser

An American doctor from California Gregg Homer, who works at Stoma Medical Center in California, uses a special kind o laser to change the eye color from usual brown eyes in rare blue. He called his new technology Lumineye Technology. Technology of change eye color is based on a laser that can relieve the iris of the brown pigment, or melanin, which covers the upper layer of the iris. Such a way brown eyes turn to blue. It would provide an alternative to those who wanted lighter eyes without resorting to cosmetic contact lenses. But have to say that the procedure is irreversible as the iris can not regenerate and turn brown again. The cost of laser treatment to change eye color will cost about 3600 EUR (5000 $). After surgery, you will need to wait about 2-3 weeks, after which blue eyes naturally will appear.