SolarWorld and PC Aero Electric planes

Electric planes working at solar batteries

The companies SolarWorld and PC Aero declared joint plans on start of two new electric planes working at solar batteries. New models, prototype of SolarWorld Eone and the improved Elektra One Solar plane, will be presented on the International show of civil aviation of AERO in the city of Friedrichshafen, Germany. New Electra One Solar represents the improved version of the Electric Aircraft Elektra One plane developed earlier by the company PC Aero. The new model has the increased dimensions and solar batteries with a total area of 6 square meters on wing surface, which can generate more than 1 kilowatt of the electric power necessary for flight. Onboard lithium-ion batteries provide additional 1,5 kilowatts. The plane, which only about 100 kilograms without the accumulator weigh, can fly more than eight hours in a row, with the maximum range of 1000 km and with a speed of 100 km/h. The fuselage is completely executed from carbon composite materials. As for the second presented plane, SolarWorld eOne is a child of designers of the SolarWorld company with technical support PC Aero. This aircraft represents a single prototype, which also uses solar technologies for electric power generation. The plane is equipped with a powerful 16-vilowatt electric motor though, according to the companies, for steady flight of SolarWorld eOne it is enough the 2,5 kilowatts of power. Also the plane can brag of the easy case from carbon composite materials.