EMP Aquarius System Will Allow Ships to Utilise Wind Power and Solar Energy

The Aquarius is a project which aims to develop a commercial wind and solar power system for the shipping industry to help the sector meet the challenges of reducing emissions and fuel costs in the years ahead. The project will be coordinated by Eco Marine Power’s office in Fukuoka, Japan. The Eco Marine Power Aquarius System will allow ships to utilise wind power and solar energy in order to reduce fuel consumption and lower noxious gas emissions. In addition ship owners and operators will  be able to reduce the C02 footprint of their fleet and employ the Aquarius System on a variety of ships and vessels. 

The Eco Marine Power Aquarius System is being designed so that it will require little attention from the ships crew, will be relatively easy to install  and  offer an attractive ROI (Return on Investment) for shipping companies. The system will employ solar panels and sails which will be stored in modules when not in use which each module connected to a central control and monitoring system. As a pilot project, the sail must be installed on existing ships, large ships and oil tankers. However, in the long term, if tests are successful, these sails will also be used on a permanent basis on smaller ships.