Energy From the Air

At a symposium at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics (Washington, USA) introduced a new technology for antennas that can accumulate the energy of electromagnetic waves from the environment.Any electrotechnics emits electromagnetic waves while working. Scientists from the Institute of Technology (Georgia, USA) decided to create a device that allows you to use this energy, providing them a tiny electrical devices such as wireless sensors, microprocessors, and more. All elements of the system to generate electromagnetic energy produced by conventional inkjet printer, printing schemes on sheets of ordinary paper or flexible plastic.  

The inks have a complicated structure, one of the components are silver nanoparticles. If at the beginning invented antenna can operate only in a small frequency range, and now its range from 100 MHz to 15 GHz. The principle of operation is as follows: the device picks up electromagnetic energy, converts it to alternating current, which is then converted to the capacitors and battery.On the basis of this device inventors has already received sensor, working on electromagnetic energy in television station.