Floating System Converts the Wave Energy

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Center proposed the concept of the power plant for wave energy, which is based on a seagoing vessel. Researchers in its new system eliminated all the problems. Тheir proposed installation will consist of floating buoys which are attached on hinged mechanisms to the sides of a 50-meter ship. At each “bumping” the buoy on the waves of the rod mechanism moves up and down, and the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy which accumulates in the board storage systems, each with a capacity of 20 MW-hour. If necessary, the ship docks to the shore and the energy of the battery is pumped into the municipal power grid for use in peak hours. 

As the ship  has  a  mobile  setting, so  when  approaching  the storm, buoys rise from the water and the ship just put on the anchor near the shore. For the system doesn’t require cables, and it may be temporarily moored in any place where there is sufficient energy potential of waves. According to estimates of developers, the system can generate electricity at a price of 15 cents per kW-hour.

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