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FMRI may help The Scientists to observe Human Brain

The scientists of Cornell University discovered that it is possible to know, who a person is thinking about. It is possible by analyzing images of a brain of person. The team of scientists demonstrated, that the people’s mental models produce patterns of the activation of the brain. The team of scientists asked the participants to learn personalities of four different people. With the different scenarios, the 19 young adults were asked to imagine how the person can respond to the scenario.

By using the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmRI) were scanned the brains of participants. The functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmRI) measures the activity of the brain, by finding changes in blood, during the time, when the participant is engaged the task.

According to the results of this test with use of fmRI, the scientists found that the brain codes the personality traits in the regions of brain. Then the information is joining with the medial prefrontal cortex, and produces the full model of personality. Also the scientists found that those people, who have autism, can not build correct personality models.

If the observation confirms this fact, in the future it will be possible to diagnose such diseases, and monitor the effects of interventions.

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