Three-dimensional map of brain

For the first time scientists published three-dimensional map of brain

Scientists created the most exact three-dimensional map of brain on which it is possible to make out separate neurons and their shoots. The map will help psychiatrists and other experts investigating the nature of mental disorders. The digital three-dimensional map of brain created on the basis of a brain of died woman. The map allows in 20 micrometers studying internal communications of neurons. By the words of founders of BigBrain from Germany and Canada,  the map traced by 50 times more detail, than result of the previous attempt to create the similar map. The technique of scanning developed by leading German experts in this area, assumes cross division of a brain into a large number of layers the microtome. The microtome is the special tool intended for these purposes, and processing of cuts by the special solution, allowing to make cells of a brain more visible for computer devices. After that cuts are illuminated with help of the scanner, and the special computer algorithm unites these pictures in a whole. The similar technique allows to receive a three-dimensional map of brain which will make 20 micrometers which are enough for supervision over separate neurons. The volume of the data collected by scientists makes about one terabyte. The permission of the received three-dimensional model by 50 times surpasses the three-dimensional models of a brain in each measurement, which received with help of a tomography. Creation of the map of brain which received the name BigBrain, was part of the enormous international Human Brain Project calculated on 10 years. The map is aimed at development of computer model of a human brain. The map is useful both to specialists in basic researches, and neurosurgeons.


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