Get Fuel from Plastic is Reality

Scientists around the world are developing techniques for processing of plastics into hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel gas). According to calculations one kilogram of plastic waste (bags, bottles, etc.) can get 1 liter of gasoline. Еssence of the method is quite simple, the big hydrocarbon molecules break into smaller ones. Under normal environmental conditions it will require no less than 500 years, but in the laboratory plastic is ground and heated, and, of course, a prerequisite is the presence of a catalyst. What is the catalyst used by our scientists, it remains a secret. But it is the cost of the catalyst inhibits the development of this technology, despite the fact that it can be used repeatedly.

So according to recent data, in Mexico at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Autonomous University of Metropolitana Azcapotzalco scientists develop a similar method, and instead of synthetic catalysts, Mexican scientists started to use zeolite (a group of natural minerals, aluminosilicates), deposits of which are widely distributed throughout the country. Such a change has significantly reduced the cost of the process that gives hope to the widespread use of technology.