Heat Coming From the Bowels of the Earth

About half of all heat coming from the bowels of the Earth, left over from the formation of planets in the solar system.Earth that has developed as the other planets in our solar system from a single dust cloud about 4.5 billion years ago, all the time from this moment is hot. Planet receives heat from two main sources: the first the decay of radioactive elements in the bowels of the Earth (such as uranium and thorium), and second it’s the heat left over from the time of formation of the planet. The researchers analyzed data collected by the KamLAND neutrino detector on the island of Honshu in Japan. Given how poorly the neutrinos interact with other types of matter, scientists have determined the approximate intensity of their formation in the bowels of the planet.

According to their estimates, every second through a square centimeter of the Earth’s surface runs 4.3 million neutrino. From these data, scientists have calculated the approximate intensity of the processes of decay and amount of heat generated, it was approximately equal to 20 terawatt. The decay of radioactive potassium in addition allows more about 4 TWh. Together, these processes give about 54 percent of the total outgoing heat from the bowels of the Earth, the remaining heat left from the formation of planets.

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