House That Equipped With Solar Panels

In Alsace in a small town Cosswiller (France) appeared an unusual home in the form of yuly. This is an eco-friendly design for real life, equipped with solar panels. Its creator is a 54 year old Eric Wasser, who took about two years to implement his project. The project was named Heliodome. Solar panels which is equipped this house heading south, and effectively use solar energy to convert it into electricity. House area is 160 m².It is completely made from natural wood and glass. Due to the abundance of glass, by day house maximum illuminated by natural means. The walls of the house is well insulated from noise and cold. The house is built so that in summer the sun’s heat doesn’t enter the house, and stored for the cold winter.

In the summer the house stays cool and doesn’t require special air-conditioning system. Must be said that the interior of the house isn’t completed yet.