Interesting Facts about Depressed People

Nowadays it is very actual to meet depressed people around us for example at work, in school, in social activities etc., and each of us has ever been in depression. There has always been a lot of researches about depressed people and depression. Humans are trying to understand why and how it effects people, because 350 million people of worldwide are in condition. So we listed some interesting facts or better to say important facts about depressed people that will arouse your interest.

1. The study shows that depressed people have less brain tissue in the brain’s memory centers. The research shows the longer a person suffers from depression the more severe it effects on us.
2. The study used brain image to compare brain volumes in people with and without depression. From 8,927 people are collected by 65 researchers in 7 countries. 1,728 patients had a diagnosis of major depression and 7,199 were healthy people.
3. According to the studies 65% of the depressed people had a considerably smaller hippocampus, which is near the center of the brain. The hippocampus is one of the unique areas of the brain that rapidly generate new connections between cells. Depression, however, destroys the connections between cells and not the cells themselves.
4. Depression can evoke physical pain. For example, headache. These physical symptoms as well as the mood symptoms affect people’s routine life patterns.
5. When people are in depressed they thought that no one understands them. Greden states “Depression is a negative view of self, of the world and of the future, everything is sort of being seen through dark-colored glasses. It’s pretty common, when people are depressed, for them to think that no one understands them and that’s a really tough place to be.”