Japanese created Clear Transparent Paper


The Japanese company which is engaged in the production of paper, and the chemical company combined the efforts to create clear transparent paper from cellulose nanofibres. The new material will be used for displays of tablet computers. Oji Holdings and Mitsubishi Chemical developed paper from the material, which has received the name nanofibre of cellulose. The thickness of the material makes only 20 000 parts of the thickness of a usual human hair. The material is characterized by high optical transparency.

As the fibers were too thin, there were difficulties producing a sheet of paper, but a new way was developed for this purpose. After a specific chemical processing, producers created a completely transparent sheet of paper. Besides the listed properties, such clear paper is harmless to the environment and entirely subject to processing. The company plans to start the mass production of this invention of clear transparent paper within three years. Paper differs by transparency and elasticity flexibility, and producers hope that it will be possible to develop tablet computers.


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