Light-emitting diodes implants

Light-emitting diodes implant will allow operating the brain functions

Scientists created tiny implanted wireless LED devices, which delivered to experimental mice the mass of pleasure. Scientists from University in Saint Louis and University of the State of Illinois developed microscopic light-emitting diodes thinner, than a human hair. These light-emitting diodes can be implanted into any site of a body by means of a usual thin medical needle. Experiment essence is the following: at first gene engineers modified mice by means of technology of optogenetics, those are neurons of a brain on the light signal created by a tiny light-emitting diode “taught” to join and be switched off. Then closer to these neurons is implanted a light-emitting diode. Inclusion of a light-emitting diode activates neurons, and switching off on the contrary – deactivates. Thus it is possible to operate concrete functions of a brain. Whith a tiny light-emitting diode and optogenetics, scientists could operate encouragement system: thanks to inclusion of certain neurons, was released the dopamine causing feeling of satisfaction. Researchers believe, that LED implants, which become on the basis of printing electronics, will be useful and in other neurologic researches. Today similar devices are already used for stimulation of peripheral nerves, which reduces or completely disconnects painful feelings. The truth still was necessary to use a thin optical fiber and laser radiators, which limited possibilities of optogenetics. Wireless LED implants possess much bigger flexibility. Moreover, devices with light-emitting diodes of several flowers are capable to activate and operate at the same time several neural chains. Besides, in addition to light-emitting diodes in implants it is possible to add and the tiny sensors, which are taking readings of temperature and electric activity in a brain. The new LED technology, probably, is one of the most important achievements of a neurobiology. It will help to understand better that happens to a brain as a result of such frustration, as a stress, a depression and uneasiness. Besides, management of neural networks can effectively treat these conditions, kill pain and fear.


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