Meteorites source of the phosphorus

Meteorites could become source of phosphorus in Earth

Before emergence of modern forms of the life, there were a number of the organisms, managing one RNA. But what is the source of phosphorus necessary for creation of the very first organic molecules? Now phosphorus meets in environment generally in the form of almost insoluble connections, to take from which this element of life is quite problematic. Meanwhile the analysis of samples of limestone showed that 3,5 billion years ago phosphorus was present on Earth. Scientists assumed that meteorites could be source of phosphorus. Meteorites could bring phosphorus in structure of schreibersite (phosphide of iron and nickel). Schreibersite at hit in water formed soluble and chemically active phosphites – salts of phosphorous acid. According to scientists phosphites could be included in structure of prebiotic molecules. From all analyzed samples only the most ancient is relating to the Archean beginning, contained phosphites. Later formation of phosphites is connected with local natural processes: in blows of lightning, geothermal activity and, probably, activity of microorganisms in extreme anaerobic conditions. But scientists consider that this source of phosphorus couldn’t provide sufficient for life origin amount of phosphites. Whereas phosphites of a meteoric origin quite could change a chemical composition of the prehistoric ocean, having created in it conditions for emergence of the first biological molecules. This theory allows to explain that fact why since the Archean the inorganic matter so never found time to turn into the organic. Absence of meteoric bombings and the phosphites dissolved in water doesn’t allow life to arise on the second circle.