Nanowires as sources for Solar Cell Efficiency

The researchers discovered that a simple nanowire crystal can concentrate the intensity of the sunlight.

This discovery means that the limit of solar cell efficiency can be increased. The discovery will help to lead new types of high-efficiency solar cells, also, will be used in the quantum computers and electronics. The crystals of nanowires have cylindrical structure, which diameter is approximately 10,000 part of a human hair. For this Nanowiresdiscovery the researchers involved a few years, and during the research, they discovered that there are rays of sun in the concentrate of nanowires, which have small area in the crystal. The concentrated sunlight yields a high conversion efficiency, when it converted into electricity. While the nanowires, which based on solar cells, can rise limit of solar cells efficiency, the single nanowire can concentrate sunlight up to 15 times. This discovery will have an important impact on the future’s solar cell technology development.