The First Night Solar Power Plant

In late May, the company Torresol Energy launched the operation of power plant Gemasolar Power Plant (earlier known as Project Solar Tres Power Tower), near Seville in Fuentes de Andalusiya. Power plant, with 19.9 megawatts maximum capacity, will produce 110 gigawatt-hours of energy per year.Secret of the power plant is а large drive of molten salt, which plays the role of an intermediate carrier on the path of heat from the receiver of solar radiation to steam turbines.Station Gemasolar, which cost for the partners in the $ 427 million, is already connected to the electricity’s network. It’ s able to supply power to 25,000 homes, at the same time estimated savings of O2’s emissions is about 30 thousand tons per year.

According to Enrique Sendagorta, chairman of Torresol Energy, the standardization of this technology will mean a real reduction of investment costs for solar power plants.