Rats are Acting Kind-hearted and Rescuing

Experimental rats have expressed a rescuing and caring treatment to each other. This statement gives a contrary theory to the one, according which people are only beings capable to sympathize. It was already proved that Primates can do so and now we can say the same for rodents, such as rats. A group of scientists from the University of Chicago (USA) has made laboratory experiments on rats. First, two rats were placed in the cage for communication. After some time, one rat has been moved to a separate cage which could be opened only from the outside. The other rat remained outside the locked cage. At the beginning, the rat outside the locked cage was not behaving anyway unusual, it was researching the locked cage until on the fifth day it found the way to unlock the cage

In the following days, the free rat was continuing rescue operations of the locked rat. Scientists have added an additional factor to distract the free rat. They have offered some chocolate to the free rat, but even then it has chosen first to unlock the friend and they enjoy the chocolate. Moreover, free rat was sharing the chocolate with its recently locked friend.According to the research, female rats were more caring than male rats (females were more obliging – they did their rescuing job every day, while males had often taken a day-off), though it is the last thing that may surprise us in this experiment.