Researchers Developed Strong Artificial Bone Made From Fish Scales

A team of researchers from the Tokyo Institute of Technology under the leadership of Junzo Tanaka has had some success in the development of artificial bone. They realized that the collagen that makes up fish scales, has a similar structure to the thickest layer of the human cornea, the corneal stroma. According to Junzo Tanaka until now used collagen from pig skin, however, it poses some risks. Viruses can spread from pigs to humans and cause disease. Fishes in this area are safer, so it means the material  also  is more safe. Artificial bone created from the fish, has a distinct advantage. It has a higher density and the ability to quickly turn into bone tissue. 

Recovering of bone after the introduction pig’s collagen in human bone takes about six months, and the collagen of fish does the same thing twice as fast. Scientists continue to work on the study of new material to create a stronger artificial bone and accelerate the recovery of bone tissue. For more information watch the video below.