Researchers Find Three New Species of Acorn Worms

As reported scientists recently in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean have been discovered previously unknown marine worms. They were assigned to the family Enteropneusta.These worms breathe as the entire surface of the body, and also with his throat.They have a bright pink color, and live at a depth of 2700 meters under water. Marine worm of this class was discovered in an underwater research expedition. To survive in this crazy depth (2700 m) in extreme conditions these worms have been forced to develop certain characteristics. The upper part of the body of these worms covered with knobs with tiny hairs, with which worms can deftly catch the edible particles quite rare for such a depth. Sometimes these worms search for food on the ocean floor.

It is interesting that according to scientists, these worms use the contents of his stomach, as ballast, and can control their buoyancy.

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