Scientists Have Indicated That Antarctica Could Go Green

Scientists Have Indicated That Antarctica Could Go Green

Scientists have warned that Antarctica could go green for the reason of climate change.

As informed “Experts believe clues about the future of the planet can be gleaned from the Pliocene period three million years ago, the last time carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were as high as they are today”.

World Meteorological Organisation figures show that “carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million (ppm) on average in 2015 for the first time since records began, World Meteorological Organisation figures show”.

“[If] you put your oven on at home, and set it to 200C, the temperature doesn’t get to that immediately,” Prof Siegert said. “It takes a bit of time, and it’s the same with the climate.”

The director of the British Antarctic Survey, Professor Dame Jane Francis, explained that remnants of the forests of Antarctica had been found, which were probably dated to the Pliocene age.

“The really important significance of this is that we’ve got 400 ppm now, and if we had 400 ppm in the past, this is maybe where we are going back to,” she said. “Which is the ice sheets are going to shrink at times, not all the time but at times… which may allow plants to colonise in Antarctic land again.”

“The consequences of what we have done over 150 years will continue into the future, so it’s up to us to do something,” Prof Siegert said. “We will be judged in history on how well we respond to this issue, and at the moment we’re not doing a very good job.”

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