Self-cleaning Cotton Material is Invented

 Every single person faces the cloth washing and cleaning problem every day. Everyone should have thought at least once about a wonder that will allow for cloths to clean themselves with no additional efforts of washing and drying. It seems that the wonder may come true soon enough. Scientists have reported about the new chemical coating that will allow cotton materials for self-cleaning when exposed to the sunlight. The new nano-particle is reported to be a very cheap, non-toxic and ecologically friendly material. It is also supposed that the self-cleaning material will remove any odours dirty cotton clothes may have. According to the BBC news agency, the nano-particle   is  an alcohol-based    compound   made of titanium dioxide and  nitrogen. 

The compound was added to triethylamine and after being stirred for 12 hours at room temperature, it was heated at 100C (212F) for the next six hours. The cotton clothes were then dipped in the mixture and coated with silver iodide particles that support light-based reactions. To test the effectiveness, the fabric was marked with the orange dye stain and left under the sun. In two hours, 71% of stain was removed, scientists report. After repeating the experiment for several times, it was also confirmed that the material did not lose its activity of self-cleaning, which means that the invented material can be considered as long-lasting. According to BBC, clothing experts already expressed large interest in the new self-cleaning cotton material.

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