Solar tsunami

Solar tsunami allowed measuring Solar magnetic field

The shock wave extending in a solar crown with a speed of 500-1 500 km/s, known also as Morton’s wave, gave the chance to specify significantly our ideas of solar magnetic field. When on the Sun there are coronals emissions of weight, on a place of their emergence swell the huge shock waves traveling round a star at high speeds. Where the magnetic field of a star is stronger, such waves representing plasma move quicker as lines of a field accelerate it. This unique line allowed the team headed by David Long from University college of London, to measure solar magnetic field more carefully, than ever. Distribution of a shock wave of Morton on the Sun is valid something probably for a solar tsunami: its speed depends on areas through which it passes. (Illustration NASA/SDO/AIA)
By the words of David Long they showed that the solar magnetic field is approximately ten times weaker than a magnetic.
The coronal loops and other structures in the atmosphere of the Sun are studied long ago. It wasn’t possible to measure a local magnetic field directly long therefore its values received closely, with help of computer modeling.
Approximately once in one thousand – other years on the Sun there are activity mega flashes, and the last happened just 1 261 a year ago… If the similar occurs today (and it won’t be predicted in advance), it can become the reason of a technogenic catastrophe of global scales.
Dynamics of solar tsunami were observed in observatory of NASA (SDO) and the Japanese spaceship – Hinode. It was used to make the first exact estimates of a magnetic field of the Sun.

Solar magnetic field
Solar magnetic field

The solar tsunami makes huge explosions in the atmosphere of the Sun and is called – the coronal emission of weight (CEW). As CME travels in space, the tsunami travels by the sun with a speed up to 1000 kilometers per second.
Hinode, the spacecraft has three highly sensitive telescopes which use a photo, x-ray and ultra-violet technology for studying of slow and fast changes of a magnetic field.
Tools act on the ship Hinode as a microscope to trace as the magnetic field round spots is generated in special forms, and then disappear. These results show, how sensitive presently can be these tools for measurement of magnetic fields which were considered earlier too weak for such supervision.
Explosions create a solar tsunami radiation from which rushes to Earth. Though we are protected by an own magnetic field, Earth is vulnerable for these solar storms as they can negatively affect satellites and technological infrastructure.
As our dependence on technologies only grows, understanding of how these eruptions happen and reach us, will render the big help in protection against solar activity.