Spacecraft New Horizons Will Explore Pluto

American spacecraft “New Horizons” approaches its cherished goal, the dwarf planet Pluto, in orbit of which automatic interplanetary station must arrive in 2015. Spacecraft “New Horizons” was lunched by carrier rocket “Atlas V” in 2006 from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It performs a mission to study Pluto and its natural satellite Charon, designed for 15-17 years. In 2007, the unit flew past the Jupiter. Never any spacecraft didn’t fly to its main objective for 9.5 years. According to Alan Stern, principal investigator for the mission “New Horizons” the dwarf planet Pluto is quite large. Its equatorial radius is 1195 km.

This world has never really explored. This is a whole class of new worlds. To understand our solar system, we need to better know and explore the dwarf     planets  such as Pluto. Pluto is one of the largest resident of the Kuiper Belt. It is full of puzzles. In the Kuiper belt are thousands of dwarf planets, but Pluto among them represents the greatest interest because it is the largest object in this zone.