SavWatt Future Street Light Powered by Sun and Wind

SavWatt Eco-Pole designed by a company called SavWatt is a perfect outdoor lighting solution. The design makes good use of natural resources and can harness energy from the sun as well as the wind. The energy produced by these wind turbines and solar panels doesn’t require any maintenance and is long lasting as well. The controller used in the design is self-powered and can easily store energy. This perfect outdoor lighting option is easy to install and is quite durable as well as versatile in nature. The SavWatt Eco-Pole will make use of a 60W LED lamp with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It will be powered by a 300W micro-wind turbine and 90W solar cells and will only require 250W of energy overall. The LEDs produce a white colored light, which is a much better option at night than the orange tint emitted by the HPS bulbs.