Swedish Physicists Create Light From Vacuum

Physicists at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, have create light from vacuum. The observing an effect in first was predicted over 40 years ago. In an experiment, they have managed to capture some of the photons that are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum. The experiment was based on one of the more confusing, yet important principles in quantum mechanics: that a vacuum is by no means empty. In fact, empty space is a seething ocean of infinitesimal particles that fluctuate in and out of existence, defying the laws of classical physics because they only exist for the briefest of moments. The Chalmers team succeeded in getting photons to leave their virtual state and become real photons, for example measurable 

light. They did this by effectively tricking the photons into thinking they were bouncing off a mirror spinning at close to the speed of light.