Giant Squid

The Big Family of Giant Squids

According to BBC reports researches of scientists showed that the giant squids

living in thicknesses of water worldwide are part of the same species. New research showed that the genetic variety of a huge squid is very low, is much lower, than at other studied types. This supervision allowed the scientists to assume that there is only one species of giant squids. The scientist has very little information regarding the huge squids. Moreover, nobody watched live squids up to 2004. Only in 2004, there was   submitted a video of a live huge squid. It is known, that they live at a depth from 100 to 1100 meters, their length can reach to 18 meters, they are predators which eat fish and other squids. Still nobody knew how many species of giant squids exists. Researchers took DNA from soft fabrics of huge squids. Some samples for research were found in stomachs of whales, others from the lost squids, which were cast ashore, and the third from the squids, which got to fishing nets. The scientists thought, that the mitochondrial DNA inherit by the maternal line. Scientists found, that sequences of mitochondrial DNA were extremely similar at all types. Results of research allowed assuming that all giant squids belong to one species.

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