Blue Lake the most pure lake in the world

The Blue Lake in the New Zealand is the most pure lake in the world

There are some crystal-clear lakes under the name “Blue Lake” in New Zealand. In the world there are some lakes with the similar the “Blue Lake“. Such lakes are in the USA, Croatia, Australia, and Switzerland. All of them received the name for purity and surprisingly blue color. According to scientists, there is most purely lake among all these transparent and pure lakes. The most pure lake is in New Zealand. The photographer Klauss Thymann personally checked purity and transparency of this lake with name the Blue Lake“. Klauss Thymann opened for himself this wonderful New Zealand lakes during the expedition on photography of glaciers of the world. The pure lake water is so transparent that sometimes it seems even that water there absolutely isn’t present. About the existence of water we can judge only with small ripples on water which arises in the wind force and currents. It is difficult to find somewhere else so pure lake and so clear water in which it is deeply visible everything that is and becomes in water.