Supermoon 2013

The next supermoon will be in 2014

On June 23 fans of the nature observed the colorful astronomical phenomenon – the supermoon. This day being in the full phase Moon passed a perigee. By data, the distance of the supermoon made 356 991 kilometers that on 27 thousand kilometers is closer, than usually.  At this time the visibility of a disk of the Moon was 14% higher, and reflective ability grew by 30%. During the next supermoon it will be possible to observe star approximations to Earth on August 10, 2014. The “SuperMoon” term is very young – for the first time it applied to the characteristic of a perigee, which passed in the spring of 2011. The similar phenomenon is observed each one and a half years and is capable to cause different natural disasters or even unusual behavior of people. However, the majority of scientists is rejected by such assumptions and calls them prejudices. The supermoon of century, which will be closest supermoon still at distance in some decades, is calculated to take place on December 6, 2052. That day the full moon will be in 221,439 miles from Earth.