Pandora virus

The Pandora virus could arrive to us from Mars

The French scientists found huge viruses of an extraterrestrial origin in reservoirs of Chile and Australia. The virus was in one of deep-water amoebas and in ten times exceeded any of nowadays existing viruses on our planet. And the structure of its genes only for 6 percent is identical terrestrial, the others 94 percent – an extraterrestrial origin. The virus was given already the name – Pandora.

Experts believe that the virus could arise on Earth, having arrived from other planet, for example, Mars. Dr Jean-Michel Claverie from the French university Ex-Marseille claims that a virus so big that it even it is difficult to consider under a school microscope. Thus the Pandora virus superficially resembles a bacterial cage and looks as a big dark stain. It is known that it can breed only being in owner.

This virus can be found only at a depth, and it doesn’t constitute special danger to people.

Pandora virus
Pandora virus

If usual viruses have the sizes from 10 to 500 nanometers, Pandora virus grew already by 1000 nanometers. Besides, the genetic structure of this object only for 6 percent coincides with that that has terrestrial viruses. All this allows scientists to claim that with a high share of probability this virus can have an extraterrestrial origin. Also there can to be a life on Mars it is necessary to look for not in the dried-up deserts of our neighbor in Solar system, and on our own planet.

Pandora virus was open by the French experts in 1992, but then it didn’t recognize for a virus and considered that it is a bacterium. And only now thanks to the French scientists who proved the return in the works, it became a full-fledged giant virus.


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