The slowest experiment

The slowest experiment in the world

Physicists received the first video of the experiment which is taking place in a museum of Dublin since 1944. Scientists recorded movement of bituminous weight through a glass funnel which for all the time of experience gave only eight drops. Authors of video of the experiment emphasize that despite seeming simplicity of experience to record the moment of falling of drops while nobody managed. Similar experiment make in Australia, but at the time of falling of a last straw at the end of the experiment the camera temporarily was switched off. Scientists recognize that their experience has no great value from the point of view of physics or chemistry. However one of experimenters, Denis Weaire says that such experiences feed human curiosity. Earlier glass was considered as an example of slowly current substance. But later this opinion was recognized by the myth: if glass also flows, extremely slowly, noticeable shifts can be noticed only through millions years.