From Tokyo to Paris in a 2.5 Hours

Eight years after the decommissioning of Concord, the European company EADS considers that the supersonic passenger jet could return, but not earlier than 2050. The owners of Airbus believes that the new engine technology can make supersonic travel cost-effective and environmentally acceptable. The company estimates the speed of Mach 4 achievable – they account for almost 5,000 kilometers per hour.”Concord has been the technology of the  1950s and 1960s. We believe that the three different types of engine that we are considering, it could be achievable in 2050,” said a spokesman Gregor von EADS Karsell.The company has demonstrated a design of a hypersonic airplane in Paris on Jun 21. 

The concept, called the Zero Emission Hypersonic Transport (ZEHST) equipped with two jet engines that use biofuels from algae.If the prototypes of new jet engines will be able to work with dignity, EADS expects a flight from Tokyo to London takes just 2 hours and 20 minutes.