Top 10 Scientific Events

Top 10 Scientific Events That Occurred in 2018

Here we are preparing for you the best top 10 scientific events in 2018 in which each event you may find on our website. So, let’s get started;

  1. Etna Volcano Erupts

We are starting from the latest news which happened yesterday on 24 December around noon 17:00 local time. The largest quake so far has been a magnitude 4 quake at 2 km depth. It was most certainly associated with the opening of the new eruptive fissure below the SE crater. Watch the complete article here.  

  1. Mysterious Light in the Sky

A mysterious light has appeared in the night sky in California. Noctilucent cloud as calling it National Weather Service Bay Area formed from a meteor or space debris entering the upper atmosphere. Keep reading visiting here

  1. Rare Remains of Giant Herbivore

Researchers have discovered some remains of giant Herbivore that lived on Earth 200m years ago. The information was issued in a paper published by the Science journal. What are they discovered? Learn more just visiting through the link.

  1. Two Great White Sharks Warm-Water Eddies

Continuing our top 10 scientific events of this year, we are drawing the attention about the news of White Sharks. Researchers were surprised to discover the white shark in warm-water eddies. One of the names of the shark is Mary Lee that was tagged in September 2012, and the other shark’s name is Lydia in March 2013.

  1. The Coldest Place on Earth

This year, scientists have discovered the coldest place on Earth. The place is in the ridge in eastern Antarctica, near the South Pole. But according to the new study scientists find out that temperatures can drop even lower there than the previous measurements. What are really scientists find? Learn here following the link.

  1. Two Headed Snake Has Been Discovered

One of the booms of scientific events is that snake has 2 heads.  The extraordinary two headed snake was found in Louisiana. Wildlife educator adopted the western snake when a fellow member of her naturalist society found it slithering around his garden. She named these two headed snake Gumbo and Filo. The history of twins, visit here. 

  1. Well-Preserved Mummy in Peru

In 2018 archaeologists have discovered 1000 years old mummy in Peru, which is very well preserved, and even there is no need to unwrap. Old mummy was buried between 1,000 0r 1200 CE. “The deceased is still wrapped in the enormous funeral bundle that served as a coffin,” said Professor Peter Eeckhout. What are they discovered more? Learn here

  1. Active Kilauea Volcano Erupted

In one year 2 dangerous volcanoes erupted. The active and dangerous volcano is located in the Hawaiian Islands. A 5.6-magnitude quake hit south of the volcano, followed about an hour later by a 6.9-magnitude temblor.

  1. 64 Pound of Plastic Debris on Whale Stomach

A sperm whale was found dead in Spain. The whale swallowed 64 pound of plastic debris which is the reason of the death. The El Valle Wildlife Rescue Center said that the sperm whale was killed by gastric shock to its stomach that is to say after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic.

  1. Scientist are Going to Drill into Earth’s Mantle by 2030

We sum up our top 10 scientific events informing that scientists are going to drill into Earth’s mantle by 2030. The planet’s interior lies just beneath the outer crust. Researchers of Japan’s Agency for Marine-Earth Science want to find out more about how our planet was formed. The mantle composed of more than 80% of the Earth’s mass, lying 6 miles (10 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor.

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