Is it Possible that Vegetarian Diet Prevents Early Deaths?

Is It Possible that Vegetarian Diet Prevents Early Deaths?

Vegetarian diet may prevent early deaths or not! Let’s find out togather.

At least one-third of early deaths could be prevented if everyone came to a vegetarian diet, Harvard scientists have indicated. A professor from Harvard University has come to the conclusion that vegetarian diet may help you live longer. Walter Willett, an epidemiologist and prolific nutrition expert at Harvard University’s T.H, has said:

“We have just been doing some calculations looking at the question of how much could we reduce mortality shifting towards a healthy, more plant-based diet, not necessarily totally vegan, and our estimates are about one-third of deaths could be prevented,” he said, seemingly referring to early deaths.

“That’s not even talking about physical activity or not smoking, and that’s all deaths, not just cancer deaths. That’s probably an underestimate as well as that doesn’t take into account the fact that obesity is important and we control for obesity”.

The research has shown that there are around 24 percent or 141,000 deaths each year in Britain, but most of that was due to smoking, alcohol or obesity. But the new study from Harvard suggests that at least 200,000 lives could be saved each year if people remove meat from their diets and go on a vegetarian diet.

“When we start to look at it we see that healthy diet is related to a lower risk of almost everything that we look at. Perhaps not too surprising because everything in the body is connected by the same underlying processes” Professor added.

It’s worth noting that Willett’s comments don’t essentially use the word “vegetarian”, but rather reference a “healthy” and “more plant-based diet”.

“I didn’t refer to vegetarians for several reasons,” Willett told IFLScience. “First, the replacement issue is critical; if we replace red meat with soda, refined starch, and sugar, we will probably not be better off and might be even worse off. “However, if we replace it with a mix of nuts, beans, soy foods, and whole grains, we will have lower risks of heart disease, diabetes, and total mortality” he noted.