What Has Happened When You Bully Plant and Compliment the Other One?

What Has Happened When You “Bully Plant” and Compliment the Other One?

There has been realized an experiment by an IKEA company. They asked a group of school children to bully plant while being kind to another plant, and took recordings of the children’s insults. IKEA company took two of their own plants and placed the plants in Gems school across the UAE. A live experiment indicates the negative effects of verbal bulling. The recorded audio messages were played in loop where they bullied one plant and complimented the other. They say to the plant “are you even really alive?” and another said, “you are not even green”. For the other plant, they recorded compliments, like “I like your stamen, that’s a nice stamen” or “I wish I could turn sunlight into food like you can, that’s very clever”. The students also were participating the recordings of positive and negative statements.

So, what has happened after a month?

At the end of the month, the plant that had been played hurtful things like “even vegans think it’s fine to eat you, your emotionless little green wanker” looked different from the complimented plant. The bullied plant had drooped, while the complimented plant was flourishing and beautiful. At IKEA, they believe that happiness is spread through how people treat each other. Experiment shows when you bully plant it will be faded but when you start compliment it will flourish. The aim of this initiative is to create happier communities for a better life and share it around the world.

In the background of the experiment, a sign says “plants have the same senses as humans. “Sound vibrations could trigger a response of the plant via mechanoreceptor,” Michael Schöner, a biologist at the University of Greifswald, told Scientific American. “These could be very fine, hairy structures, anything that could work like a membrane.”

Source: IFLScience