World s largest sea reserve

World’s largest sea reserve in Antarctic

On July 11 in Germany began special scientific meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), which purpose is to resolve an issue of creation of the sea reserve largest on a planet at coast of Antarctic. Action will end on July 16. In Antarctic will be created the largest sea reserve, which will help to rescue thousands fishes, penguins, rare whales and seals from extinction. Now under consideration of CCAMLR are the offer on creation of the sea protected area in the Ross

World's largest sea reserve
World’s largest sea reserve

Sea of 2,3 square kilometers, including full protection of the area of 1,6 square kilometers. The southern ocean is a place of population of penguins, whales, sea fishes, and also the Antarctic huge squid. This region has also huge scientific value for studying of functioning of marine ecosystems, and also impact on them global climatic changes. According to experts, it is necessary to create sea reserve zones as soon as possible because too intensive fishing of fish, whaling, environmental pollution, industrial development very soon can ruin all live. In the last two years more than one million people around the world supported protection of waters of Antarctic. If members of the commission make the decision on protection of the Ross Sea and east Antarctic, it will put a basis of strong heritage for the whole world. As well as acceptance in 1991 of a ban on production in Antarctic minerals, is unique opportunity to leave strong natural heritage which will benefit the whole world. Despite the considerable remoteness, the Southern ocean is very important for all of us as one of the last places on Earth with an untouched ecosystem and as laboratory on studying of climatic changes in the primitive environment.


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