Bats in the movement

X ray video showed the bats in the movement

The researchers were able to capture the X ray video, in which the bats in the flight. By the words of scientists, the bats have energy in their bicep. This energy helps the bats in the air to be more powerful among the other winged mammals. The researchers used the imaging technology for X ray video making, thanks to which they saw the bats in the air. By the words of the leader of the research Nicolai Konow, (University of Brown), the bats are storage their energy in the triceps tendon. This is extra ability for bats, as the tendons of mammals are thick to be stretched. Using the 3d technology named by XROMM the group of researchers was able to see the internal skeletal movement. The technology of XROMM of bone morphology models is the same as the X ray video biplanar. Also the researchers found another method named by fluoromicrometry. In this method the radio markers are placed into muscle. The muscle will allow to researchers to determine the change of length during contractions. The results of these two researches proves that the muscles driving action can be stretched by the muscular forces, which is allowing to force control the joint movement. By the researchers, these findings can be used for the creation of small airplanes, water-based search and rescue vehicles.