Map of the movement of galaxies

Video map of the movement of galaxies near Universe

The international team of researchers created the video map of the movement of galaxies neighbor the Universe in more detail, than before. Video map is provides dynamic three-dimensional idea of the Universe with help of turn, scrolling and scaling. The space project Streams planned visible and dark matter density round our galaxy Milky Way at distance of 300 million light years. Our galaxy Milky Way lies in a congestion of 100000 galaxies. The movement of tectonic plates shows properties of an interior of Earth. And the movement of galaxies shows information on the main components of the Universe, which is dark energy and dark matter. Dark energy is the mysterious force, which causes expansion of the Universe. Dark matter makes 80 percent from the general matter of our Universe. Dark matter is the main reason of movement of galaxies relatively each other. This accuracy 3-D cartography of all matter (light and dark) is essential. Through scaling and shift of provision of viewing of this video follows structures in three measurements. Video map helps the viewer to understand the relations between objects in various scales, also keeping feeling of orientation.