Travel to Mars in 2020

4 men and 4 women will travel to Mars in 2020

Specialists of NASA chose candidates who will travel to Mars in 2020. For the first time in the history of space exploration expedition will consist equally of representatives of the stronger and weaker gender. By the words of the employee of the agency, for travel to Mars they chose eight people who showed the best academic, physical and psychological preparation. In the list of the selected people from more than 6 thousand people, wished to travel to Mars, appeared Josh Kassada (39 years, the military pilot and the physicist), Victor Glover (37 years, the test pilot), Nick Heyg (37 years, the expert in explosive devices from the Pentagon), Andrew Morgan (37 years, the doctor of medical sciences, the serviceman). Into female part of team entered Christina Hamok (34 years, the expert-oceanologist), Nicole Mann (35 years, the marine), Ann Makkleyn (34 years, the test pilot), and also Jessica Meir (35 years, the anesthesiologist from medicine School at the Harward university). Each of them has rich life experience and possesses specific skills- marks Janet Kavandi the employee of the Space center. They will be able to share the knowledge with each other, and will make a huge contribution to the researches NASA.


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