Nuclear bomb

A nuclear bomb can be the best protection of Earth from dangerous asteroids

If the dangerous asteroid departs towards to Earth, one of options will be sending  the spaceship, which will destroy it a nuclear bomb.

Such mission which will cost about $1 billion can be developed in NASA, for protection against asteroids. Bong Wie, the director of the Research center at university of the State of Iowa, described system which develops it team, for visitors at the International conference on space development in La-Hoya, California, on May 23.

The anti-asteroid spaceship delivers the nuclear bomb to destroy threats before they will be able to reach Earth. The two-section spaceship will consist of an impact of kinetic energy, which will separate for crater creation in an asteroid. Other part of the spacecraft will bear the nuclear weapon, which will explode in an asteroid crater.

Nuking asteroidThe purpose will consist in division of an asteroid into a set of parts, which then will disperse on separate trajectories.

Wie considers that 99 percent of parts of an asteroid will fly by Earth that considerably limits impact on a planet. What will overtake Earth, will burn down in the atmosphere and don’t pose any threat.

Wie’s research is concentrated on ensuring potential response to asteroids in a year or about that. According to the plan there will be two spacecrafts – one the main, the second reserve, which can be started on the Delta 4 rocket. If the first spacecraft fails at start or won’t be able to destroy an asteroid, the second will be directed to finish work.

Wie recognized that sending the nuclear weapon to space is politically controversial question. At the same time he told that there is a number of functions, which can be built in the spaceship to prevent the nuclear bomb from explosion in case of unsuccessful start. The nuclear weapon is the only thing, which works against asteroids for short terms. Other systems, urged to protect from asteroids, such as tows and solar sails, will demand the notice in 10 or 20 years prior to incident.