Green Rok from Mercury

According to the Mercury Messenger spacecraft the green rock is from the Mercury

The meteorite scientist Anthony Irving think, that the green rock, which had been found in Marocco last year, may be the first visitor from the innermost planet of our solar system. According to the study the rock, which name is NWA 7325, came from the Mercury. NWA 7325 is a group of 35 meteorite samples. The age of those meteorites is near to 4.56 billion years. The scientist thought that the impact was shot out the NWA 7325 from Mercury to Earth. The scientist Irving is has been studying meteorites for many years, but the NWA 7325 meteorite is unlike any meteorite which had been found before. The Mars meteorites are imbued with Martian atmosphere, which makes them simple in difference to the other rocks. Containing rocks of Vesta, as well as chemically, and the meteorite NWA 7325 different from any of space rock watched the scientists of today. It is the first meteorite from all meteorites, which the scientists observed, which has low intensity. The magnetism passed from a cosmic magnetic field into a rock. So the scientists think that the rock formed as “scum” on the top of the magma. .The geological and chemical composition of the Mercury is familiar to the scientists, and they think, that the surface of Mercury is low in iron. The meteorite is also low in iron. This fact allows the scientists to suggest the version, that the parent body of meteorite is Mercury. The observations of Mercury Messenger spacecraft, which is now in orbit around the Mercury, provided the scientists new information, which will help them with their hypothesis The Messenger first mission is already finished, but the scientists suggest continuing the researching during next two years. If the mission is extended until 2015, the information returned by the Mercury Messenger spacecraft will help the scientists finally find the origin of the green rock.