Amateur Astronomers Have Discovered Exoplanet

Through the project, “Planet Hunters,” which was created for a detailed analysis of all data obtained by Kepler telescope, participants of this project was lucky to find two previously unknown exoplanets. In progress found 10 of celestial bodies, but only two of them, most likely the planet. While planets has ordinal names of KIC 6185331 and KIC 10905746. Both planets exceed several times in diameter of Earth, and their mass is still unknown. According to assumptions of astronomers, one of them is “Super-Earths” and the second is Gas Giant. The project participants have found this exoplanets among the data that had previously looked professional, but they didn’t see these celestial bodies.

According to scientists, if amateur astronomers haven’t found them, the planet may in general wouldn’t have been opened. Project “Planet Hunters” was developed by portal Zooniverse and requires immediate participation of the user in finding objects.