Asteroid 1999 RQ36

Asteroid 1999 RQ36 which will approach to Earth in 2182 received new name Bennu

The asteroid 1999 RQ36 by the results of competition among school students received a new name Bennu, in honor of an Ancient Egyptian deity heron. The asteroid (101955) 1999 RQ36 of 500 meters in size opened by scientists from the LINEAR project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2182 it will approach to the Earth. After “cancellation” of threat of Apofis and some other asteroids, it became the main potentially dangerous object for the Earth. Participants of the OSIRIS-REx project,  for receive a name, which will be easier to be said, than 1999 RQ36, declared competition on the best name, which participants could become school students from any country of the world, but more younger than 18 years. On competition arrived more than 8 thousand options from school students from 25 countries. As a result the Committee on names of small bodies of Solar system of the International astronomical union accepted the option offered by nine-year-old Michael Puzio from Northern Carolina. The American asteroid project OSIRIS-REx for the USA will be the first program of research of an asteroid with help of an automatic probe. “Osiris” will come nearer to an asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2020. Remaining in five kilometers from an asteroid, within six months the probe  will carefully map a surface of a heavenly body, then scientists will be able to choose a place, from where will be taken the example of substance weighing about 60 grams. Then it will be placed in a capsule which, as expected, will make landing on the range in the State of Utah in 2023.


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