Asteroid 2013 GM3

Asteroid 2013 GM3 will fly close to Earth in 2026

In NASA deny calculations of the Italian astronomer and claim, that the probability of collision of an asteroid with Earth is insignificant. After 13 years, in April 2026, the twenty-meter asteroid 2013 GM3 will fly by in only 8,5 thousand kilometers from a terrestrial surface. The calculations, which have been carried out by the Italian astronomer Francesco Manka from observatory of Sormano testify to it. For the first time the asteroid 2013 GM3 was found on April 3 of this year by the scientists working at the American observatory of “Maunt-Lemmon”. The laboratory of jet movement of NASA carried out calculations, which showed that on April 14 2026, at 13.30 across Greenwich this asteroid will fly by at distance of 39,7 thousand kilometers from Earth surface. However the Italian scientist conducted the researches: its calculations showed that appointment to heavenly “guest” can become “closer”. The asteroid can miss each other with the Earth at distance in only 15 thousand kilometers from Earth center, that is in 8,62 thousand kilometers from a planet surface. According to the scientists the uncertainty is rather great, but this small asteroid demands closer attention to improve data on its orbit. At the same time these programs of NASA on tracking the objects approaching with Earth, claim that the probability of collision of an asteroid 2013 GM3 with Earth is extremely minimum. During the period from 2028 to 2113 it makes 0,018% or 1 chance of 5,56 thousand.


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